BESTROM Online Exhibition

BESTROM explores the cultural contribution that Romani minorities have made to Europe’s public space/s since the 19th century. The project encourages critical reflection on discriminatory practices and fosters respect for diversity by foregrounding minorities as contributors to a shared store of cultural capital. This exhibition showcases four examples of the Romani contribution – in the spaces of politics, economy, music and circuses.

  1. Gomez in front of one of his works Roma and the construction of European civic culture:
    Helios Gómez, a Gitano artist in the interwar labour movement
  2. Closing the deal, Berlin horse market, ca. 1900Markets and fairs in the making of Europe’s economic multiculture:
    Romani horse dealers on the move
  3. The (portable) Cimbalom from Paweł Lechowski’s Collection of Romany ArtefactsThe aural presence of Roma in Eastern Europe:
    The case of the cimbalon
  4. Romani groups in the circus:
    Early adopters of trends and purveyors of knowledge.

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